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About Us

Su Landscape (Shenzhen Hill & Moon Park Gardening Co,. Ltd) is a joint venture located in beautiful coastal city Shenzhen which is the pilot city to implement Chinas reform and open up policy. Currently Su Landscape is one of the most professional manufacturers  of miniascapes, GRC artificial hills & rocks, artificial plants, landscape art and other landscape products.

Traditional landscape art is miniature forming of the natural scenery in a limited space. It is a prominent part of the whole environment or a embellishment and decoration part independent from the interior and exterior architectural. However, Su Landscape’s art concept is taking the nature of various rocks and land veins of the nature scenery to create a ingeniously designed background for surrounding buildings and environment which could strengthen and fully demonstrates the architectural style and architectural theme. It is a environmental art fully integrated with the modern architecture. Its significance lies not only on trimming, strengthening, improving and beautifying the human damaged natural environment, such as the surrounding topography of highways, bridges and the surrounding environment of residential community, but also it deepens affinity between man and nature by applying modern technology and new craftsman. Besides it has the functions of eliminating noise, reducing pollution etc.

For more then10 years, we achieved projects in dozens of countries in Americas, Europe and Southeast Asia. We have offered art products with the above functions and features for theme parks, chain restaurants, dance theaters, roads, buildings and other types of modern urban public facilities. Su landscape enjoys a high reputation in Europe, America and Southeast.

Following the rapid development step of China’s environmental art and architectural decoration industry in recent years, Su Landscape shifts focus to national market such as domestic buildings, public squares, infrastructure and community environment. We have designed and constructed lots of landscape projects for urban residents, real estate, commercial plaza and road traffic. While bringing comfort to the general public, it is also a important factor for ROI rise.

Compared with the traditional landscape craftsman, we apply modern computer design and mold made of new materials which makes assembling easier, faster and more flexible. Projects with quality cement as basic raw material has a 70 years plus long lifespan. We pre-design modules and has mass production of monomer components in the factory, Then we ship them to the project site to do on-site installation. Compared with traditional all-on-site sculptured landscape, Su Landscape’s craftsman and production process can promise a more uniform and solid color and a more realistic natural effect. Besides it saves material and labor cost. By using limited cost to create a best project is always our intentions.

Currently, there are few scenic landscapes reengineering companies as Su Landscape. Cooperating closely with top designers, applying advanced technology and materials to promise low raw material cost and high-quality creative art project is our advantage. At the same time, a strictly regulate network operation system makes products, technology and management more mature and stable.

All of above factors laid the foundation for the Su Landscape’s profession and big market potential. Looking forward to the future, we have confidence and strength to create a better future environment and make Landscape reengineering industry great contribution to the progress of society and human civilization.