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Rockery & Artificial waterfall

      Based on the traditional aesthetical standard, combined with the modern scientific and fashion philosophy, Su Landscape is capable of making multifunction rockery and artificial waterfalls. The unique craft and skill combing with the design idea of adjustment to local conditions, Su Landscape not only makes characterized charming art works, but also emphasizes vivid effect of the work in a whole environment.Applying quality material, having the exquisite craftsman and professional staff, Su Landcape’s rockery and artificial waterfalls offers a refreshing feeling with its grand and magnificent.Seeking the joint of spiritual and ecological requirement, Su Landscape is walking on a unique way.

     Representative works: “Shenzhen South International Square Waterfall”, “Shenzhen Interlaken Hotel Landscape”,“OCT East Multifunction Theatre Waterfall”, “Wan Changbai square waterfall and landscape”, “Dongguang Yuquan Mountain Villa”.
Rockery & Artificial waterfall Case