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Rockery & waterfall
Shenzhen OCT East Front Square Landscape
Project Name:GRC假山工程--东部华侨城前广场
Project size:5800m2
Item Description:This project is at the entrance of OCT East. The main waterfall has two types, one is put at random, quiet and elegant; the other is put in a parallel style, grand and magnificent.
Before the square was built, there is a great waterfall 1km away which belongs to another water branch. However, Su Landscape combined this nearby landscape together in their design picture, and then the project has become magnificent and reached great state.
Viewing from a distance, the resort is facing the blue sea with green hills in the back; the water starts from the skyline, runs through the mountains, falls in the Front Square, which is the core of the whole landscape, and finally goes into Shenzhen Bay. Tourists will sure be impressed of the grand and special scenery.
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