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Cliff stone sculpture and painting
Shenzhen Longgang Purple Kylin Hill Landscape
Project Name:Shenzhen Longgang Purple Kylin Hill Landscape
Project size:4000㎡
Item Description:Shenzhen Purple Kylin Hill land estate is located in the central area of Longang district. Purple Kylin Hill has a various landscape, and even a 20meters high abamurus. Regarding as its topography character, Su Landscape  planted lot landscaping elements like rocks, waterfalls, streams, trees, etc., and successfully presented various scenes: a wide and deep waterfall rushes down at the entrance, a high and precipitous cliff stands at the right side. According to the circumstance, Su Landscape adjusted an inscriptions, names Poem for the Purple Kylin Hill on the precipices, brilliantly transferred the defect of large area truncation into a idyllic atmosphere, and also a cave paradise with the landscaping methods of plants and atomizing.
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