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Landscape reinventing
Huangshan Xinan River Jiulong Mountain Landscaping
Project Name:Huangshan Xinan River Jiulong Mountain Inscription
Project size:26,000㎡
Item Description:Xinan art work project is undertaken at the Jiulong mountain in Tunxi district, Huangshan City, landscaping with elements of huge rockery, precipices inscription, sculpture, waterfall, green plants, brighten design; the total area of the precipice is over 10thousand square meters. Su Landscape themed it as Hui culture, and made a art up desigh and construction.
Xinan prefecture, the forename of Huizhou, is now called the Huangshan City, has a broad and profound Hui Culture as one of the three famous region doctrines. With marvelous mountains and rivers, grows outstanding people, nurtured by the rich culture atmosphere, Su Landscape created the miracle of  landscape, which is originally writed by Zhuxi. The truly marrow of the culture sedimentation brewed the delicious wine of mind. Feeling the thoughts of ancients and the natural beauty, Su Landscape surely gave every visitors here a journey of nature and culture.
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